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The Retro-Fade digitally printed Gym Stringer is a fresh new take on 80s and 90s Fitness Fashion. Designed to show off key areas of the body like the Chest, Back and Arms the un-textured print finish keeps the garment super light-weight and flexible, suitable for any Sport, Running and all forms of Weight Lifting. Very wash durable with no cracking of the print design. Made from a strong yet soft blend of Cotton and Polyester that dries quickly.

Available in 3 Sizes, Male Model wearing Medium, Female Model wearing Small.

Price Includes VAT + Duties (Europe, USA & Canada)

Retro-Fade Gym Stringer - Unisex

  • 65% Polyester
    35% Cotton
    Washing Machine Safe
    Tumble Dry Safe
    Crease Proof
    Shrink Proof
    Stretch Proof

    Made Sustainably with our partners in Sri Lanka, the leading manufacturer of quality materials.

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