The 7 Supplements That Actually Work

When we think of a supplement, we should only think of one thing - will it help me build muscle or burn fat? The answer relies on two elements; 1. Are you using it properly? 2. And does it provide your body with a high level of nutrients essential to health? The first element is critical to getting the most out of your high quality supplements, and many people get this part wrong. See below for the only 7 supplements you should be considering for bodybuilding:

1. Protein Powder

- Should only be consumed after waking up in the morning or post workout when the body is slightly depleted and ready for rapid absorption of nutrients. Only 1 shake per day is necessary, max 80g protein. Focus on getting 75-85% of protein from food. With regard to fitness progress it provides extra amino acids essential for muscle growth, repair and maintenance, (if high quality food is temporarily unavailable or impractical). See here for more info about constructing a bodybuilding diet.


2. Vitamin C

- Forms Part of T-Cell molecules which prevent/fight infection as a role of the immune system, and is a powerful anti-oxidant. Vitamin C is also used heavily in the function of enzymes and is essential to the development and maintenance of scar tissue, blood vessels, and cartilage. With fitness, our bodies need higher amounts of minerals to stay healthy and supplementing our diets with Vitamin C we won't struggle to repair damage caused through training. Our bodies can also be cleaned from any toxic compounds absorbed through digestion or respiration.


3. Vitamin D

- Hormone balance, maintenance and increase of bone density. Maintenance of strong immune system. With relevance to Fitness, Vitamin D continues to show a positive relationship with Testosterone levels in Men. Testosterone levels determine the amount of muscle someone can ultimately