5 Reasons Why Bodybuilding Should Be An Olympic Sport

"The components of the programme are sports, disciplines and events. The sports are those sports governed by the IFs. A discipline is a branch of a sport comprising of one or several events. An event is a competition in a sport or in one of its disciplines, resulting in a ranking and giving rise to the award of medals and diplomas... Only sports that adopt and implement the World Anti-Doping Code can be included or remain in the programme."

- excerpt from the IOC Charter

Reading time: 5-7mins

The statue of the Diskobolos (discus thrower). The ancient Olympic Games ran for approx. 1200 years before being discontinued by Christian Emperor Theodosius I in 393AD, claiming it as a 'Pagan' festival as it was dedicated to Zeus.


It looks like Bodybuilding can in theory, according to the second rule, be included in the Olympic Games - it does involve several events/ disciplines and it does rank competitors with awards (see top of page). However, by its current nature it cannot possibly adopt the World Ant-Doping Code - and the reasons for that are obvious, (even if there are some clean and natural movements within the industry). There is also the simple matter that Bodybuilding is not recognised as a sport by the International Federations of the Olympic movement, which makes it exempt from applying as well.