Jack LaLanne was a pioneer in the Fitness and Health Industry. In 1936, Jack opened the first ever Fitness and Health Club, in California. By the time the 1980s arrived he had opened 200 more. He invented the Cable Pulley Machine, Pin-Loaded machines like the Leg Extension Machine and also the first version of the Smith Machine. He advocated weight lifting and exercise as the key to health and longevity, fighting the common belief of Doctors at the time that weight lifting would do the opposite; make you 'muscle bound' and cause heart attacks. He was also a believer in strict nutrition, promoting a low-carb high-protein and natural animal based diet with plenty of vegetables. Telling his TV audience that man made treats and foodstuffs were the cause of most of the nation's (USA) chronic illnesses and that getting rid of them was vital for optimal health. He was truly ahead of his time.

If his contribution to the Fitness Industry alone wasn't inspiring enough, then we can take a look at his personal physical ability. He trained for two hours every day, right up until his death at the impressive age of 96 (Jan 2011), but on top of that he occasionally embarked on truly crazy feats of strength and endurance:

Here are just a few examples: