12 Ways To Stay Lean Over The Holidays

1. Train harder

If you are normally strict with your diet then you'll be craving the Christmas Holiday of indulgence all year. It might be a dent in your otherwise perfect diet but make it a positive one by using the extra energy in your workouts. Get aggressive in chasing after the gains, every single set, every single rep you better act like you want it. Incorporate drop sets, giant sets, pre-exhaust sets. Challenge yourself and you might actually get ahead over Christmas instead of going a little back.

2. Post workout cardio intervals

Before you get put off by the word 'cardio' during your time off, I am just talking about 10mins at the end of weight training. Get on the bike and do 6 intervals of 30 second sprints and 1 minute off. The extra metabolic hit will be just one more mechanism to keep you in check over the holidays.

3. Just eat the meat

This one is self explanatory. Christmas food holds a lot of indulgences, but the meaty elements are all good. Protein and Fat are actually in abundance at Christmas time (compared to Easter where there's just chocolate...), so instead of another helping of potato, have another hunk of bird.