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How Long Will It Take To Build My Dream Physique?

It's disheartening to learn that what we want (or need) will not come easy or quickly. In fact, it can be so demoralising that it could put us off for good - and many of us are - and it's part of the reason why we don't see perfect physiques everywhere you look. If you're reading this, you're already aware of this fact, and it might actually be a reason why you are here in the first place. What this article is designed for is to provide clarity and direction for what it takes mentally and time-wise to make consistent progress with building muscle and burning fat.

Finding clarity is extremely important in the case of making progress in fitness. The stress of going to the gym and not knowing what you are doing (or if you're even improving) can get debilitating - and can completely defeat the point of why you're there. Stay tuned till the end to discover how to get a jump start on what exactly you should be doing in the gym to avoid this common problem.

To build a natural looking and balanced physique takes years of dedication!

When we ask the question of how long we need to build our perfect physique we must first acknowledge a few things;

1. Our physique needs to be built in the first place

2. This is about Your Physique and no-one else's

3. Progress depends completely on how serious you are

4. It is a marathon not a sprint

5. It will all be worth it

Before you get too scared or intimidated, you must understand that the beauty of your physique is not only defined by how it looks visually, but by the journey it took to achieve it. What you will learn about your character as well as your body compares to nothing you could ever conceive. One's character is what defines our life experience, and totally acts as a divide between what we perceive as positive or negative. You will learn along the way that any results you get from the training and dieting is secondary and a bonus to the experiences and self-empowerment that a fitness lifestyle provides.

Of course, our own perception of what is perfect may differ from others, but for many it means being the most muscular and lean they can sustain naturally. So let's get into it.

1. Our Physiques Need To Be Built In The First Place

Wishing and praying alone will do nothing for your physique progression. Thoughts without actions produce nothing in reality. First, realise you need to put in the work consistently for many years in order to continue to make changes (as well as maintain what you've already built). How does this translate to weight gain or fat loss? For men it will mean building an average of 25-35lbs of muscle mass over a full lifting career (women 12-20lbs). If you think this is not much muscle over a lifetime then to put it into perspective place the same amount of meat by weight on the kitchen counter. Very few trainees will ever reach this level of development (naturally). Men will then need to reach at least 10-12% body fat to have abdominal definition (preferably 8-10%), and women 15-17% body fat.

2. This Is About Your Physique And No-One Else's

Now you know you need to put in the work, you don't want to fall into the trap of comparing your results to someone else's. Yes, use others as inspiration and motivation, but don't ever hold yourself accountable for not looking identical to a particular person. That's why the range given for the amount of mass you build is so large (see above). We are all different, have different muscle shapes and attachments, metabolisms, digestive systems, bones, ligaments, joints and muscle fibres. Remember, many small changes short term manifest themselves as huge changes long term. Focus on improving yourself a little bit every day and you can ensure progress over time.

NOTE: No-one is a super human. The human genome is not so profoundly different that someone can build 50, 60, 70lbs of muscle completely naturally, and you have to remain suspicious of people who claim that it is. I promise you that if you begin your journey with those kinds of expectations you will be quickly disappointed. Aim for 3-5lbs of muscle per year averagely (yes I'm afraid that is a realistic average - and growth will even slow down the more advanced you get!), 1.5-3lbs averagely for women.

3. Progress Depends Completely On How Serious You Are

Do you go to the gym with a mission or do you go to just work up a sweat and feel good? Do you eat with a very specific intention or do you eat whatever you want because you know you 'workout?' The answers to these questions will tell you a lot about the current condition you're in, compared to where you want to be. The great thing is that you can change the answers to these questions right now, and you already know how these questions need to be answered. Being strict with precise goals is the only way to track and manage progress long term, end of story. See the links at the bottom of the article for more info on this topic.

NOTE: You are going to need to make sacrifices regularly in order to make way for your physique progress. Late nights, alcohol, recreational drugs, emotional stress, junk food, and inconsistencies will do nothing for your dream physique.

4. It Is A Marathon Not A Sprint

If you're looking for a quick fix or fast results then bodybuilding and fitness is not the thing for you. The body never lies, which is a big part of why bodybuilding and fitness tests the human character like nothing else. If you don't do the work and if you don't eat the right diet, your body will simply not change. This is where most people trip up, they can maybe stay true to a progressive program for a few weeks, but certainly not a few years. Unfortunately, you will never get away with not doing the work. Every person who has built a great natural physique has spent years and years devoted to their fitness lifestyle. With the average of building 3-5lbs of muscle per year, that's 7-10 years of lifting weights and dieting with the intention to progress to reach your genetic potential and 'dream' physique. Then of course, keeping up the training to maintain it. Fat loss also takes time, aim for 1lb per week of fat loss, (this will need to be performed too in order to reveal the muscle mass you have built). Trying to accelerate fat loss beyond that may lead to metabolic damage and/or muscle loss. See the end of this article for more info on fat loss.

5. It Will All Be Worth It

Whether you like it or not, the time is going to pass any way so you may as well use that time productively and build your dream physique. Learn something about yourself and your body that you never knew before and join a fitness family that is amongst one of the most supportive of its kind. The beginning of the journey is always very daunting, and the tasks ahead may seem insurmountable, but it is the way you get there that will ensure your emotional fulfilment with the lifestyle - and at the end of it you'll have the best physical version of yourself to enjoy and be extremely proud of.


1. It takes conscious ACTION to build a physique

2. Individualise Your Goals

3. Get Serious, Make Sacrifices

4. Think In Years Not Weeks

5. Enjoy The Journey, Not Only The Results

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