The Worst 5 Things For Recovery

To master Rest and Recovery we have to do some repetitive things, some counter intuitive things and some down right anti-social things. It takes a very high level of mental control and commitment to succeed and make progress in fitness. You will need to make sacrifices that you never thought possible and which are almost laughable or self-alienating to other people like friends or family. If you're not careful, you will find yourself failing by default due to the obstacles that lay before you. It's ok to fail sometimes, as long as you acknowledge the failure so you can help to prevent it from happening again. Knowing where you've gone wrong gives you the power to put it right.

1. Training Too Much

We have all been victim to this in the past - and putting it right is extremely counter intuitive. The feeling is that training more will make you bigger, stronger, leaner and fitter - this is because we think it's solely the stimulation that determines our progress when actually it is our recovery from it as well. Most people can train Intensely with weights between 3-4 times per week to make progress, maximum (drug free). Any more than this and you may stop making progress towards muscle growth. Training too much is detrimental in three ways; first is that you risk causing injury by training muscles/ tendons that have not recovered, secondly you delay recovery from past workouts by stimulating new muscle damage, leaving your body insufficient time and resources to repair all the new damage before the next session. And Thirdly, you exhaust your Central Nervous System which will stunt your muscular recruitment (strength) and release harmful stress hormones. Keep your workouts short and Intense and then focus on resting well.

2. Not Training Enough

No matter what level you are, always be looking to increase training to 3-4 times per week. If you are only training once or twice per week, it will be hard to make any significant progress long term. We need to create enough stimulation to be actively recovering on all non-training days instead of just 1-2 days afterwards (potentially missing out too on the added fat-burn effect of more muscle recovery). With 3 major muscle groups - Legs + Chest + Back and 3 minor ones - Shoulders + Arms + Abs, just 1-2 sessions cannot stimulate everything enough. Over time the stimulation of muscles must increase to make progress, so cramming every muscle group into one or two sessions is unproductive long term. To make progress, we must be recovering from 3-4 sessions every week.

3. Not Eating Enough Protein

No matter who you are, your muscles have been made from the food you have eaten, fact. In bodybuilding, the amount of protein you eat can directly relate to how well your muscles recover. People might not eat Animal foods for many, many reasons; fear of health problems, dislike of taste, morals, ethics, religion, family influence, prices, diet issues etc. None of it is relevant wh