Lifting Definitions 1

The 3 Muscle Fibre Types

White Muscle Fibres are Type 2b muscle fibres. They are fast-twitch fibres generally recruited when powerful bursts of force are required. These muscles can double in size, the most increase in size of any other muscle fibre. Type 2a muscle fibres (Pink) are the 'teachable' fibres - they take on the characteristics of either White fibres or Red fibres, depending on the training stimulation most practiced. These muscles can increase in size by 30%. Type 1 fibres are known as Red - the endurance muscles - and are used for long endurance exercise as they do not exhaust quickly due to their high blood capillary density. Although they can increase blood capillary density, they cannot increase in size.


In Order to increase muscle size and shape we must focus our training on Type 2a and Type 2b muscle fibres (Pink and White), with a priority on White fibres for maximum growth.

Sets and Reps

'Set' refers to the group of repetitions you perform on a single exercise. 'Rep' is the abbreviation of 'Repetition' and refers to one full range movement associated with an exercise. For example; 4 sets of 12 repetitions means that the exercise was approached 4 times and the movement performed 12 times each - for a total of 48 Repetitions.


When constructing a program we use these increments of measurement to describe and determine the amount of work we wish to perform during a workout.


'Intensity' refers to the 'challenge factor' of your Training Approach on both your muscles and nervous system. Some exercises are more challengin