5 Ways Circadian Rhythms Affect Health

DEFINITION: Circadian Rhythms are physiological processes that occur within the body over a 24hr period. They can be both internally and externally modulated.

1. Detoxing The Body, It's Own Way

No detox product on the market is as good at detoxing your body then your body itself. The Liver and the Kidneys can be thought of as detox machines, and a large part of their job is to filter out toxins and other compounds that shouldn't be in your body. Even if you eat a clean and healthy diet there are still plenty of things to detoxify. When anything in your body is metabolised, like food or stored energy/nutrients, the body produces waste products, and they have to be found and expelled from your system. So, how do we allow our own bodies to detox in the most efficient way? Improve Circadian Rhythms. Morning is the natural time our Circadian Rhythms expel waste products. If when we wake up and we don't go to the toilet, but instead go much later in the day, it can be a sign that our detoxification is less than optimal and might be disrupted. Eating too early in the morning and having very inconsistent sleep and wake times are a couple things that can effect this process. Other things that effect this could be inconsistent meal times and food choices, poor digestion, stress, bad sleep and poor sunlight exposure.

2. Using Stored Energy

If our Circadian Rhythms have cycled correctly e.g. run efficiently and unimpeded, our body's ability to use stored energy becomes much better. This is due to the body being in chemical equilibrium and in abundance of the hormones responsible for collecting and using sto