Theories Of Training Periodisation

Change in stimulation is what will change your body. This is a well known theory amongst coaching leaders and training researchers in the Fitness and Health industry; if we focus on individualised program adaptation along with enforcing protocols that increase Intensity, while also consuming a progressive and individualised diet, we change our bodies. Ok. But How can we do this properly?

There is still a lot of ambiguity as to what this actually means, and what details are important to take note of, i.e. How long do we stay on a program before muscular adaptations cease? How do we change our program? What approaches are needed during each phase in terms of Intensity? Can we employ a sense of flexibility into our training and diet? How do training protocols change depending on body composition/ body fat levels?

NOTE: In this case the adaptation is specifically Muscle Growth - we are not talking specifically about PERFORMANCE of muscle e.g. muscular strength, power, endurance - although of course these things may be a by-product of our training.

1. New Stimulation And Adaptation

Remember the first time you ever worked out? The pain you felt the next day (and during) was tremendous right? For a lot of people, the first workout they perform was by no means 'Intense', BUT it was for their bodies at the time. You see, you might have only been performing the exercises with your own body weight, or indeed with very light weights as you learn the proper technique of the movements. Even if you were only learning the exercises with minimal resistance, the training didn't have to be excruciatingly Intense (forced reps, drop sets, heavy resistance, short rest periods), to have a positive effect on your muscles. The fact your muscles experienced something 'new' was enough to solicit muscle breakdown ready for re-growth. This 'New' Stimulation is a potent factor to employ in training long term.

2. Repeated Stimulation And Adaption

It just so happens that for continued change those same exercises you did last session must be done in an ever increasingly Intense fashi