The Most Effective Reps For Building Muscle!

When training on your own, working out to Positive failure on every set is necessary to maintain a high level of Intensity, which is vital for maximum growth. In order for your muscles to change and grow, they must reach a point when they cannot go any further. Your muscles will not grow if they are too comfortable, and comfort is the enemy in the gym. Micro Tears in the muscles only occur when under high levels of stress for a long period of time. It is these micro tears in your muscles that result in muscle growth, when rest and nutrition is optimal. Forced Reps take this notion one step further and to get the most out of your workouts you must focus heavily on Forced Reps. See below for 5 Reasons Forced Reps are best for maximum growth.

Definition: Forced Reps

Forced Reps target the Negative portion of the Rep - namely the 'lowering' of the weight or the 'eccentric' phase. When Positive failure is reached, a spotter/trainer will assist in the Positive or 'Concentric' (raising of the weight) phase while the trainee will take over fully for the Negative phase, until reaching Negative Failure as well, i.e. weight cannot be lowered in a controlled manner. For more lifting definitions click here.

1. Anabolic Effect

Anabolism is an important part of building muscle, it is the 'building phase' hormonally in your body and therefore describes the building up and repair of damaged muscle tissue. Anabolism is increased greatly through performing Forced Reps, as they are the pinnacle of Intensity for muscle fibres. Anabolic hormones like testosterone are released during and after Intense Forced Reps. Anabolic Hormones will stimulate the repair and growth of damaged muscle and should be maximised where possible.

2. Increased Intensity

Intensity is the number one determining factor when changing your physique, no matter who you are, body type, gender, big or small - in order to grow muscles you must train with Intensity. Performing Forced Reps are a great way to increase Intensity in your training. You must give your entire body system a reason to grow, an environmental stimulation that forces it to react with increased muscle growth. Forced Reps are vital for maximum Intensity in Training and could be the thing you have yet to exploit in your workouts.