5 Things That Recover During Rest

When you are new to Weight Lifting and the concept of Bodybuilding, it is vital you understand that Rest and Recovery is just as important as Training. Becoming familiar with Optimal Rest can be your biggest tool on your path to your physique goals, while at the same time abusing your Rest can be a fast path to failure. When Training optimally most people can withstand 4 1hr training sessions per week for a maximum of 4hrs of weight training total. In reality you may only need 40mins per workout too, when you get more advanced. This might not seem like a lot, and the great thing is that it's not, but when Training properly it is all you need to build the dream physique as quickly as possible. Below are the things your body is doing during Rest and Recovery, and the full recovery of every one of them is vitally important for success.

1. Muscle Tissue Repair

This comes with the pre-requisite that you are actually training hard and well enough to create micro tears in the target muscle. If this is being done then after your workout your body immediately starts the process of muscle repair. But this process does not take 30mins, 1 hr or even 1 Day - it can take up to a week. During this time you have to be very vigilant with how you Rest in order to gain the most from your workouts. This is where nutrition, sleep quality and Rest play a vital role. You should not over train a sore muscle group, that is why you should only train body parts once per week - split over 3 or 4 sessions. If you constantly train a muscle that cannot recover in time you risk the release of stress hormones and lack of muscle recovery, e.g. growth.

2. Nervous System Adaptation

When we train hard and Intensely with weights, our nervous systems are being stimulated. Nerves are firing off muscle fibres non-stop with increasing amounts of Intensity for increasing amounts of time. Our central nervous systems are sending signals constantly, running at high capacity to the point of exhaustion. When we increase Intensity in the gym each week (top priority) and Resting well, our nervous systems adapt very well to the increase and allow us to train harder and harder, this is especially noticeable when training Legs with high Intensity. If we do not rest our bodies, our nervous systems will find it difficult to adapt, and Intensity might never increase - and without Intensity we cannot change our bodies long term.

3. Hormone Optimisation

Weight Training is fantastic for increasing good hormones in the body for both Men and Women. The stimulation of muscle fibres triggers hormone production that can benefit our quality of life. However, there are also stress hormones, and they are released wh