5 Steps To Correct Bodybuilding Technique

The first thing you must know about Bodybuilding Technique is that it is very different from Power/ Olympic Lifting Technique. As opposed to Power and Olympic Lifting where the load must be moved from point A to B in the most efficient way possible, Bodybuilding is about causing as much tension to the target muscles by deliberately making an exercise very inefficient. Furthermore, Power and Olympic Lifting may require the use of multiple muscle groups for any particular lift, but (while impossible in some cases) Bodybuilding requires as much isolation on specific muscles as possible. Strength Training can be seen in much the same light as Power and Olympic lifting in this regard, where neuromuscular adaptations are targeted more then gains in muscle mass.

STEP 1. Technique

'Technique' refers to proper form needed to contract the correct muscles for that movement, i.e. Pectoral muscles for Chest exercises. Correct form is vital for stimulating the target muscles enough to induce muscle growth. If proper form cannot be used throughout the exercise then the weight must be reduced until the exercise can be performed correctly.

  • Chest Pressing And Fly Movements

1. Upper arm 90 degrees to the body, excluding Decline Machine Press/ Cable Fly.

2. Chest puffed up, lower back arched, shoulders down and back - no shrugging.

3. Do not drop elbows in towards the torso as this takes tension away from the Chest and onto Shoulders + Triceps.