5 Essential Rules To Burning Fat

You can make losing body Fat unknowingly very difficult or very easy depending on your mindset and approach. The best way to burn body fat is to learn the 'How' and 'Why' of Fat burning processes in your body so you can apply rules to yourself with confidence, and give yourself the ability to adapt your needs to them.

Estimated Read Time: 6 mins.

1. Keep Insulin Levels Low to Burn More Body Fat

In the context of losing body Fat Insulin is vitally significant and you must understand it to gain control of Fat Loss. Insulin is a nutrient delivery and energy storing Hormone. When Insulin levels are high your body cannot burn Body Fat. Different Nutrients effect Insulin levels in different ways; the Fat in our food does not cause Insulin Levels to rise, Protein raises Insulin a little bit BUT Carbohydrate causes the biggest and most significant rise in Insulin out of any nutrient. In short, when you consume Carbohydrate your body cannot burn body Fat for the length of time your Insulin levels are high, only returning back down to low levels when Glucose from your food (Carbohydrate) has returned to manageable levels in the blood stream. Your priority for burning body Fat is to keep Insulin levels low as much as possible.

2. Eat Carbohydrate Later in the Day

Your metabolism will be most active during daylight hours, so it doesn't make sense to feed your body Carbohydrate (Glucose) for energy, when instead it can be burning your stored energy; your body Fat! If you hold off consuming Carbs until the evening you do 2 things: 1, You burn more body Fat and ensure the Glucose reserves you already have in your body become depleted and 2, During the 'Insulin low' when the Glucose from your evening meal(s) has been cleared from the blood stream you'll most likely be asleep. Basically, if Carbs are only eaten in the evening they are more likely to be stored in Glucose reserves rather than as body Fat, and any cravings you feel after consuming Carbs will happen when you're asleep. Note: It is not recommended to cut out all Carbs from the diet. Protein should be kept high, Fat at medium levels, and Carbs low - but still there.

3. Permanently Raise Metabolism for Sustained Fat Loss

Metabolism is a word that describes the ratio of nutrients and energy your body needs to maintain all the processes required to keep it alive and functioning normally. The more active you are the higher your Metabolism, as more nutrients are required for that added activity. Muscle gain has the single most expensive metabolic impact on your body out of any other process; Muscle fibers take a lot of maintaining both in e