Moderate Cardio VS HIIT: Pros + Cons

As we've learned from 5 Essential Rules To Burning Fat the key to burning Fat in the quickest and most efficient way is by optimising Burning Fat outside of the gym. However, to increase your Fat Loss further over time you can supplement your training with cardio vascular focused training. Cardio Vascular focused training (or 'Cardio') is exercise that isolates working your heart and lungs, with only marginal emphasis on muscular adaption in the bid to burn a little extra Fat without over training. As we know, building our muscles through lifting weights creates a much more potent overall Fat Burning effect on our bodies, but it's very taxing for our Metabolism, hormones and our Nervous System, so must be done sparingly. Cardio Training allows us to burn extra Fat without further stressing these systems.

Moderate Cardio

Definition; Slow paced, long duration exercise. E.g. Slow Walking/ Cycling.


Physically easy to perform for long periods.

Can be done outside in a casual manner.

Very little equipment needed.

Easy enough to concentrate on a secondary task, like reading.

Has a high ratio of Fat burning vs Glucose Burning.

Suitable for all trainee levels.

No athletic ability required.

Easily incorporated in exchange of motorised transport.

Injury friendly.