Vegan Diet Vs Meat Diet: 5 Factors

In Fitness and Health, it is not really a question of plants vs meats, but that of Nutrition required to fulfill a purpose for the body. This will not be an article that proves anything from being right or wrong, but a discussion of the factors that matter. We will not site any studies nor comment on the ethical nature of the subject - this is due to their being too much conflicting scientific views as well as moral view points - which could cloud the real purpose of discussing this matter in the first place. Which is; What is going to help me the most to obtain my fitness goals? (Muscle Building + Fat Loss + Performance).

1. Protein Synthesis

Definition: The process of Protein utilisation within a cell.

Muscle Cell Structures are partly made from Proteins (along with Fatty lipids), therefore Protein Synthesis must occur in the muscle cells to maintain and/or grow existing muscle cells. The Amino Acids that are especially important for muscle growth and Repair are named BCAAs (branched chain amino acids), they consist of leucine, Isoleucine and Valine. BCAAs are Essential, meaning they must come from the diet and cannot be synthesised by the body alone. These are just the most essential amino acids for muscle growth, the body needs other proteins for additional body processes such as enzyme production and other cell structures/ processes. See below a table comparing the top BCAA ratios of popular foods.


Roasted peanuts contain the most BCAAs per 6oz serving (170g), which although is more total BCAAs per gram of protein (over 50%) compared with meats, a 6oz serving of peanuts is very large and packs only a third of the overall protein within the same serving size of most meats. In the protein profile of meats (muscle), it is evident that many more other proteins (non BCAAs) are also needed to maintain the bulk of their mass, and therefore it is important to consume and synthesize enough other protein to do so. Most other plant foods do not score highly in comparison to the food sources listed above for BCAAs and have even fewer amounts of the other 5-6 Essential proteins needed from the diet, and therefore, like Roasted Peanuts, must be consumed in huge amounts to obtain the same level of Protein. See below for a tab