5 Reasons You're Not Growing

Stimulus is the determining factor when it comes to changing body shape. If you are eating right, and resting right and still not continuing to change, the answer can lie with your Training Approach. A fault in training approach is fundamentally the number one reason why people fail to change their physiques. No matter where you are in your training you should expect to improve indefinitely, and your training must reflect this. Make sure you are not making these mistakes:

Before reading please familiarise yourself with the 5 Factors of Muscle Growth to ensure you first understand the basic requirements of training.

"Exercise is King, Nutrition is Queen - put them together and you've got a Kingdom"

- Jack LaLanne (Find out more about Jack LaLanne here)

1. Too Short Sets

We actually know with 100% certainty that the optimal length of a set for maximum growth is 30-40 seconds - and in some cases up to one minute. Trusting that you are able to retain maximum tension on your target muscle throughout the entire set, you should work up to performing the exercise for at least 30 seconds at a time. Lactic Acid build up is vital for muscle growth to occur, due to its stimulation of Growth Hormone (GH) and indication of muscle exhaustion and potential damage. GH then stimulates repair of damaged muscle, which results in the muscle growing. It might mean reducing the weight to make the