5 Steps To Beach Body Abs

Believe it or not more Body Fat can be lost sitting on the couch then in the gym - purely because of a magic process called; Metabolism. Our daily energy consumption relates to the requirement of our individual Metabolic needs, from Fat Burn and energy usage to Nutrition needs of important cells. The more tissue that requires maintenance and sustenance the higher our Metabolic needs. Muscle cells are important and expensive in both energy and nutrient requirements. Hence, the more muscle an individual has the higher the Metabolic rate. So, all we have to do to burn more Fat is to increase our Metabolic rate. Now, if we devise a nutrition plan in which the majority of the energy our Metabolism uses comes from our own Body Fat stores then we have the fastest most effective way to burn fat and get lean. Getting lean cannot be done fast, so we leave plenty of time to get in shape - so start now! See below tips to get lean for summer!

1. Increase Metabolic Rate With Weight Training

After cardio vascular focused training, metabolic rate increases for only a few hours after your workout. However, after intense weight training your metabolic rate increases by a huge 30% for upwards of 48hrs after the workout! That means that your energy consumption, just sitting on the couch is 30% higher than usual - you will literally be burning energy fast while doing absolutely nothing! Perform 3-4 weight training sessions per week and you will raise your metabolic rate for the entire time. This is generally the reason why people who train with weights are leaner, healthier and happier then people who do cardio based training exclusively. Click here to learn how to lift weights properly.

2. Don't Try To 'Work' OR 'Starve' The Fat Off

Good Nutrition will undoubtedly get you to your goals faster, easier and healthier than just trying to 'work' the fat off. The truth is, our bodies are very energy efficient, so when we workout for 1hr even with heavy weights our energy consumption during the workout is actually very low, only 200 or 300 Calories. With correct dieting we can make sure our bodies are burning an extra 500 calor