The 7 Best Machines For Muscle Growth

Exercise choice is an art form and makes all the difference when in pursuit of your dream physique. Free weights will always have their place in fitness, and they should still make up a portion of your program, however for a lot of people they leave too much margin for error. Bad form and poor weight selection lead to stagnated gains and possible injury.

There are some incredible machines that ignite muscle growth and because of their mechanics, make it much easier to perform correctly and effectively. Here are the 7 best machines to employ into your workout:

7 Best Machines:

1. Linear Leg Press (45 degree angle)

The angle you perform this exercise at is just the most effective at contracting the target muscles of the quads. (Depending on the exact angle, there is also some glute activation too). Most important though, is the form you choose to perform the exercise. The back-rest should always be at the lowest point - mechanically this allows deeper range of motion. Feet should be shoulder width apart, toes pointed slightly out. The knees should never drop in towards each other or flare out to the sides, but remain stable, pointing the same direction of your ankles and feet. You should lower the weight past 90 degrees at the knee (relative to thigh and calf), and never lock out at the top but keep a constant slow tempo throughout (2 secs down, 2 secs up). 12-15 reps, 4 sets. 60-90 secs rest.

2. Hack Squat

No other exercise will isolate your quads as much as the hack squat. Much the same as the linear leg press, your knees and feet should point in the same direction and never move in or out during the exercise. This exercise is a great opportunity to increase depth of range for your legs, as it is a relatively safe machine. Never lock out and always control the weight, lower it slowly to take advantage of the negative reps. Don't rest at the top or bottom but keep an even tempo throughout the set, this will increase tension on your quads and make the most out of the exercise. Going past 90 degrees at the knee is the goal, but if you can you must go even deeper, but remember the teaching points above! 8-12 reps, 4 sets. 60-90 secs rest.