5 Fitness Myths Debunked!

The Fitness Industry is full of a lot of conflicting information, and this info is mostly broadcasted in the hope to sell a product or a service to an unsuspecting consumer, e.g. fat burning supplements, muscle building compounds, a special gym device designed to build extra muscle or indeed the info could come from someone who just doesn't know any better. The below myths are just some of the phrases we hear thrown around the gym or fitness community as if they have become just normal principles that are never questioned or proven. We hope to explain briefly why they exist and what value they truly hold with regards to your fitness goals.

1. "Drinking Juiced Fruit and Vegetables Makes You Healthy"

- Why do we love Juicing?

Because it makes food easier to consume in larger quantities, and supposedly gives us high levels of minerals - and in the case of fruit and vegetables, can actually make it taste much better as well. This is because blending releases all the fructose (sugar) from within the cell walls of the food that otherwise wouldn't be so readily available in its whole form, thus creating a huge hit of sweetness upon consumption of the juice.

- Why is it potentially Unhealthy?

Human's cannot really chemically breakdown Cellulose, a component found as part of the structure of plant cell walls. So when eaten whole, any cell walls that haven't been crushed by chewing or by the churning of our stomachs normally just passes straight through our system along with the sugar inside them. However, blending makes everything available, blitzing every cell wall into a million pieces and blowing out all the contents, which is mostly sugar. This causes Insulin spikes, potentially promoting fat gain due to excessive sugar levels in the blood stream.

- When is Juicing ok?

In v. small quantities once per day if you are unable to get enough plant matter into your daily diet. Generally speaking, when consuming a natural whole diet high in protein and fat there is little need for over supplementation of vitamins and minerals through juicing.

2. "Running Will Get You In Shape"

- Why do we love Running?