The Beginner's Guide To Bodybuilding

In a time where there are so many different concepts and protocols being shared around the gym community and on the web, it can be helpful to stop and take a look around in the hope that we don't lose track of where we're going with our goals. One source can tell us something completely different from another, or even the exact opposite - especially with online source material.

This article is here to ground you whenever you feel your training/ diet has gone all up in the air, and you've lost sight of your goals or how to progress. Essentially it is a recap of all the necessities required to progress in building muscle and burning fat.

1. Standard Straight Sets

Despite the excessive burn or massive pump you can get by doing drop-sets, rest-pause sets or super-sets, you must always come back to standard straight sets long term. These take on this structure: set - rest - set - rest - set - rest - set - rest. It is the most basic set structure and should be performed 90% of the time on your exercises. Standard sets are the most potent set structure you can perform in order to improve Progressive Overload long term (increase weight / reps, or time under tension). Best performed with a 4 set X 8-12 Rep structure with a 45sec rest. Other set structures are great to incorporate occasionally when feeling energetic and in need of variation - but should not form the only basis for your training when progressive overload is one of the long term goals. See other set structures here.

2. Evaluate Form Constantly