A Short History of Human Nutrition

This is a very brief look at how the modern Human diet came about, what changes our species went through that shaped our biology and health, the consequences of milestone events and what it means for our species as a whole moving forward.

1. Pre-Tool Era

Very early descendants of Humans that existed 1-2.5 Million years ago did not have tools or weapons. It was a time when these early Human descendants weren't even the dominant animal on the planet. In fact, even the earliest example of a tool reinforced the fact that they weren't anywhere near the top of the food chain. These tools were simply just rocks, shaped by the user through its usage - which was most likely a way to crack open bones from prey left behind by more powerful and dominant carnivorous animals. It's thought the bones were then drained of bone marrow as a food source for the early Humans. Left to scavenge bone marrow from the already flesh stripped prey of other animals suggests that very early Human descendants scavenged most of their meat.

2. The Invention of Tools and Weapons

2-300,000 years ago descendants of Homo Sapiens (genetically modern day Humans) were not the only Human species on the planet. Contrary to popular perception of evolution, up to 6 different species of Human inhabited the earth at the same time. This meant there was competition for the top spot. Competition and the fight for survival seems to be the main driver for innovation in the story of Humankind, and some historians believe that having to compete against other Humanoid species forced early Homo Sapiens to become smarter with how they obtained food and how they dominated the landscape. The emergence of more advanced tools and weapons enabled these early Homo Sapiens to obtain more food and thus over time develop higher social skills (advanced language) and exchange more ideas about effective hunting strategies.