5 Steps To The Bodybuilding Mindset

Take a more methodical view of what you are doing in order to prosper in your bodybuilding lifestyle. The 'Mind over Body' principle has never been so true with regards to a long term goal of health and beauty, so here are some pointers on how to maintain the process.

1. Make Things More Difficult

Pretend you are on holiday and the hotel gym is extremely limited in both equipment choice and weight of the dumbbells, barbells and machinery. In this scenario the tendency is to be a bit disappointed with what's available and that at best you'll walk away with a light pump and 'maintenance' level stimulation (not Intense enough to really change your body). But what if someone held a gun to your head and told you that unless you solicited muscle gains from this workout then they would pull the trigger? Would your mindset change? Would you do everything in your power to hit the target muscles with every single protocol that could make it more intense and challenging for your muscles? Slowing down the rep tempo, drop-sets, short rest periods, pre + post-exhaust sets, super-sets, giant-sets. This is the mindset every bodybuilder should have walking into any gym, even the most well equipped. You don't have to use different set structures all the time, but you must focus on how 'deliberately' you are causing tension to the muscles.

2. You Are Not A Weight Lifter

Imagine the difference between a fine artist and a workman who paints walls. They both use paint, brushes and overalls - but their intentions differ on a profound scale. One needs a huge roller with plenty of paint to cover a huge surface with just one colour. The other needs a range of small finely haired brushes and very tiny amounts of many different colours, blending them intricately together over a long time with very delicate brush strokes. Now, if both the workman and the fine artist swapped tools, do you think they could achieve their original tasks? The fine artist would find it very difficult to paint his small detailed portrait with a huge roller and only one colour, and the workman wouldn't be able to paint his huge wall with such tiny brushes and small tubes of paint... Lifting a huge amount of weight will not create a masterpiece, all exercises must be performed with intent to grow, not with intent to lift! Are you a Fine Artist or a Wall Painter?

3. What Would Coach Say?

This is a 'Be Your Own Voice In Your Head' game. We are obsessed with impressing ourselves and others 'in the moment', and rarely think about the future consequences of those actions. Being stronger or at least showing you are strong in the vi