The Ultimate 5-Step Booty Guide!

Building a shapely booty is much the same as building any other muscle group; The target muscle must be stimulated for growth, and body fat levels must be low enough to see some defined shape. In fact, there are no special principles for building any muscle that differs from any other body part, but there are some techniques and pointers that will make all the difference when growing your booty is a priority. These will be the topics discussed in this article.

1. Stimulating The Gluteus Maximus

The Booty, i.e. the 'Glutes' are split up into 3 parts, the Gluteus Minimus, the Gluteus Medius and the Gluteus Maximus. Of these 3, the Gluteus Maximus is the largest, strongest and most capable of large growth. Even though the other 2 parts are also relevant in building a good booty, growing the Gluteus Maximus will be the main focus of our workouts. This means choosing appropriate exercises that stimulate this part of the Gluteus muscles the most; Squat variations and Leg Press variations, with added resistance. Body weight movements will only get you so far, the most potent stimulation for our muscles comes from increasing the load over time (known as 'Progressive Overload'). Pressing movements are the exercises where the most amount of progressive overload can occur.

Pressing movements like Leg Press and Squat variations will stimulate the Gluteus Maximus the most.