5 Foods That Prevent Progress

If it's food then it's nutritious right? Wrong. Put simply, The Human body can tolerate a lot of rubbish without too many short term side effects. We know that too much food causes us to gain fat, but which foods actually actively hinder our progress no matter what? The mistake made with these foods is that it's assumed that they are food in the first place... We are not cutting out entire food groups, but individual foods - here are the top 5 to avoid:

1. Too Many Dairy Products:





Ice Cream

Why? - Emphasis on the 'too many', as for the most part Dairy is fine, but too much can clog up the digestive tract. Dairy Products tend to stick to stomach lining and can prevent other food being digested optimally. Like always, it's not what we eat but what we absorb that counts! Too much dairy in the diet can prevent adequate absorption of the nutrients we really want. Although Dairy products are nutritious, it's better to leave most of it for the babies!

What's Ok? - Small amounts of milk in Tea/Coffee, Low Fat Cottage Cheese/ Natural Yogurt.

2. Hydrogenated Fat: