5 Foods That Prevent Progress

If it's food then it's nutritious right? Wrong. Put simply, The Human body can tolerate a lot of rubbish without too many short term side effects. We know that too much food causes us to gain fat, but which foods actually actively hinder our progress no matter what? The mistake made with these foods is that it's assumed that they are food in the first place... We are not cutting out entire food groups, but individual foods - here are the top 5 to avoid:

1. Too Many Dairy Products:





Ice Cream

Why? - Emphasis on the 'too many', as for the most part Dairy is fine, but too much can clog up the digestive tract. Dairy Products tend to stick to stomach lining and can prevent other food being digested optimally. Like always, it's not what we eat but what we absorb that counts! Too much dairy in the diet can prevent adequate absorption of the nutrients we really want. Although Dairy products are nutritious, it's better to leave most of it for the babies!

What's Ok? - Small amounts of milk in Tea/Coffee, Low Fat Cottage Cheese/ Natural Yogurt.

2. Hydrogenated Fat:


E.g. Cakes, cookies, chocolate bars etc.Confectionery

Processed Peanut Butter

Long life sweet goods

Fast Food/Junk

Why? - This is a 'check the label' thing, check for 'Hydrogenated Fat', 'Trans Fats' or in some cases it can be disguised as 'Stabiliser.' The Hydrogenation process alters the fat molecule structure, which is then unrecognisable to the body, leaving it unable to digest or even excrete. These molecules can stick to blood vessel walls and build up in the body over time causing major health risks like cancer and heart disease.

What's Ok? - Nothing. Stay away from this ingredient for the rest of your life

3. Table Salt:

Why? - Stay away from regular table salt. Only use Sea Salt options. Sodium is the most important mineral for your body, but it only works in synergy with many other compounds - and these are only found in natural sea salts. Regular table salts have very few of these compounds and at levels that are too high and toxic for the body. The Devil is in the Detail!

What's Ok? - Himalayan or Celtic Salt (high in good natural compounds).

4. Vegetable Oil:

Most bottled Sauces

Fried Food

+ 'Light' Butters Margarine

Crisps, Chips, Donuts, baked goods etc.

Why? - Vegetable Oil is high in Omega 6 Fatty Acid. Although important for the body the amount is too high in most cases to condone consumption. High amounts of Omega 6 can cause inflammation in the body, potentially harming digestion and other bodily processes. Omega 3 Fats actually combat inflammation in the body and improve body functions. So, consumption of Omega 3 Fats should vastly exceed that of Omega 6. Cutting out vegetable oil will help improve this ratio in your favour, allowing your body to function optimally and enable improvement in health + vitality.

What's Ok? - Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Fish Oil, Natural Peanut Butter.

5. Aspartame Sweetener:

Some Fitness/ health Drinks!

Diet Coke + Diet Drinks

Chewing Gum

'Low Calorie' Sweets... Or 'Low Sugar' or 'Sugar Free' Products.

Why? - Another label checker! Aspartame is an extremely effective low cal sweetener. In some cases making the product taste better than real sugar! However, it is also toxic for the body. An active ingredient in Rat poison it actually manifests itself in the body as formaldehyde (as well as other chemicals) which is used to preserve dead bodies. Formaldehyde is also known as a carcinogen, confirmed to cause cancer in humans and widely studied to be very harmful. Also, Aspartame causes a similar spike in insulin levels as sugar when consumed, leaving the body open to prolonged fat storage from other foods.

What's Ok? - Sweetener 'Stevia' is the lesser of two evils due to it being a more natural compound, however it's recommend to get used to a slightly less sweet life...

The food industry will always value profit over health, it's up to you alone to be vigilant about what foods you eat and buy. Go after that progress and eat right!

Happy Lifting!



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