INTERVIEW: 12 Questions With The New Miami Pro Mr Model - Matt Young

Liftness Creator/Founder, Matt Young talks about his experience with Natural Bodybuilding, how he got into the sport and his journey to the stage for his first competition, The Amateur Miami Pro Universe, Oct 23rd 2016.

Matt picking up the 1st Place Trophy in the Mr Model Category at The Miami Pro Universe, Oct' 2016.


Matt: As someone who wishes to share legitimate and reliable training and diet information to the masses, it seems both fair and necessary to have experienced every single aspect of training and dieting given as advice on the Liftness website. To be able to provide reliable info on fitness and health one must be educated on it, both in theory and in practice - and not just a little bit either... Full emersion is needed for real experience on any subject; starting as a beginner and then eventually reaching some sort of equivalent apex.

Being far from the apex of fitness and health, I definitely cannot claim to be a top authority on the subject - but I can talk openly about everything described on this website. My wish for the future is to gather much more experience so higher levels of training and nutrition advice can be shared.

Below I have answered a lot of the common questions I have received as a result of preparing for my first ever fitness/bodybuilding competition, The Amateur Miami Pro Universe - where I managed to win first place in the Mr Model Category. Doing this show has now given me a very intermediate level understanding of competing as a Natural athlete, and hopefully the next one will give me even more.

1. How long have you been training for?

I have been tr